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With PHP being a server side scripting language, you obviously need to make sure that your web hosting service/company will be able to let you use PHP coded websites without any problems. What you need is a good cheap PHP hosting company for your PHP driven dynamic, interactive website.

Alongside this, if you’re currently looking around for cheap PHP hosting companies, you will need to consider other features that go hand in hand with PHP – services like MySQL and other similar databases.

Sometimes cheap isn’t always the best option when looking for the best PHP hosting provider, although PHP is so widely used these days that almost all web host services will offer it. The things to watch out for when looking at cheap PHP hosting are the way that PHP will be configured by the hosting provider. You want to make sure that other PHP users are not having major problems with their websites due to configuration problems and other unknown hidden errors.

Do some research and we’re sure you’ll find a PHP hosting provider that is cheap enough for your needs.

To help, we’ll be compiling a list of our favorite cheap PHP hosting services for you to have a look at and help you decide what your top choice will be.

As another helping factor, here a few guidelines to features you should expect and pitfalls you should look out for …

Make sure the available bandwidth will be suitable for your website – some really cheap web hosts will probably not be letting you have much bandwidth and will charge you a large amount to increase that bandwidth on demand.

The same goes for storage space – you don’t want to be charged extra if you exceed the amount of web space you can use.

If you’re likely to be creating multiple websites, consider a reseller package or one that will allow you to host multiple domains to a single bit of webspace. If you have to order more web space every time you create a new website/domain it can be an unnecessary waste of money.

These days web hosting companies allow for many databases (e.g. MySQL) to be setup per account, but you should make sure of this before signing up to anything.

The guaranteed website uptime – or the amount of time the hosting provider will guarantee that your website will available and visible to the world – is a crucial factor. Nothing less than 99% should be considered.

Finally the cost. This is where you need to shop around a bit, but it is very possible to get good cheap PHP hosting at a very reasonable price so give the following a try and see how they compare … oh, and stay away from any hosts offering free web hosting – it’s just not worth it!

I personally use Heart Internet which is based in the UK. If you’re looking for good PHP web hosting in the UK – or anywhere really – I highly recommend them. I use their reseller account for all my PHP driven websites and haven’t had a problem yet.

Here is our list of recommended cheap PHP hosting providers. We’ll add more as we gain experience from using other hosts:

Heart Internet

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