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A few years ago, the boom in Information Technology and online websites saw a rather large rise in the demand for trained professionals in the world of PHP and MySQL programming – the language and database of choice for most web developers.
Software and web development businesses, who specialise in PHP/MySQL web development, are often searching to recruit pros who are skilled in all aspects to do with PHP website development for their important clients and projects.
It is still considered a potential growth industry and there will be a need for PHP developers for years to come so if you are considering a career in PHP you may need some PHP training if you don’t already know it all.

Many people recognize that a career in PHP development is a good one to get into and the rewards can be massive. There have been many PHP training courses developed over the years  and new training courses are still being developed all the time. These PHP training courses provide elaborate training for any professional wishing to start at the begining or to improve their skills with this popular web programming language.

Objectives for PHP Training
Some of the objectives for PHP training include developing useful skills to allow creation of dynamic, interactive, and data-driven websites as well as development skills in the creation of MySQL databases designed to be used with these types of websites.

PHP Training Prequisites
There are a few other skills you will need which will compliment the skills you gain with PHP training. Ideally, you should have some good knowledge of the following before training at PHP, although you may be able to learn these skills at the same time:

HTML – This is the most important and is frequently used alongside PHP when making websites.
Javascript/CSS – It would be beneficial to at least know a little bit about css and javascript as they are widely used when creating websites.
XML – XML isn’t quite the buzzword it used to be but it can still be useful knowing a bit about it.

It would also be good to have some experience with using a MySQL database even if you haven’t programmed for it before.

PHP Training Courses
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