PHP Training Books

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Here are some books that will help you with your PHP training regime.
Some are specifically for helping you with the Zend PHP Certification exam and some are just general PHP training books that will help you get your PHP knowledge up to scratch, whether you are taking the Zend certification exam, another type of certification exam/test or you just want to improve your knowledge. They will also help you to learn the best PHP programming practices, which is extremely useful if you’re self taught and you want to work in a team environment with other PHP developers.
Although every care has been taken to make sure these books will be suitable for most viewers of this website, it is up to you to make sure that, if you choose one of the books below, it will be suitable for yourself.
I highly recommend Amazon for any book purchases and, in my honest opinion, they are by far the cheapest and most respected book seller on the net.
I suggest you click on a book you like the look of below (or the link from the previous sentence) and do some research on Amazon’s site – see what other people are buying, make sure the book will be up to date and cover what you need, although don’t be completely put off by a book from 2005 – it may be a few years old now but, as long as it covers PHP 5, not much has changed since.
Happy training!

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